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EDM Filters For Wire Erosion Machines

prepared a complete range of filters that cover the needs of almost all the machines from European and Far East production.

Our range is based on 5 sizes:

diametere 4″ (100 mm); 6″ (150 mm); 10″ (260 mm); 12″ (300 mm) and 13″ (340 mm) and a total of 46 different versions.

EW06 (150 mm)EW08 (200 mm)EW10 (260 mm)EW12 (300 mm)EW13 (340 mm)
-134-142B-158-118-118B (100% Synthetic)
-136-142C-134-118C (100% Synthetic)
-148 (100% Synthetic)-197B-177
-148B-197D-177B (100% Synthetic)
-148C-197E (100% Synthetic)-177C
-177F (100% Synthetic)

Wire EDM machines are more and more sophisticated and, due to the new developments of high-frequency oscillators, are producing very small debris.

At the same time, cutting material like Aluminum is requesting quite coarse dedicated filtration during the process, and removed particles can clog the filter very soon.

In our product portfolio, we offer a broad range of media ranging from 1-2 µm fully synthetic, from 5 µm up to 25 µm cellulose-based in all sizes in order to maximize the service life, reduce costs and optimize the EDM process.

Our newly released catalog can be downloaded from this page; we added some useful information and an application catalog with some known machines

EDM Filters Catalogue