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Clamps, V-Clamps, Air Filters, Oil Filters, Hoses. It's just the tip of the iceberg

Our core business is the filtration for OEM, OES and IAM markets. We provide solutions for most industry sectors, like Industrial Engines, Agriculture, Construction, Special and Heavy Duty Vehicles, Defense,  Compressor and Vacuum, Hydraulics as well as many others.

Technical Solutions. Start searching here

Look for Technical Solutions in the special section of our online Catalogues.  Find information on the products, technical advice and the services we provide.

Why Borserini is a Realiable Partner

We can provide over 50,000 interchangeable elements for Hydraulics, Fuel, Air Filtration and Air Oil Separators. We offer state of the art products and find the technical solutions you need combined with excellent service at a competitive cost level.

We are member of the Italian Federation of Companies for Aerospace, Defense, and Security.

Clamps, V-clamps, air filters, oil filters: BORSERINI SRL is a reliable supplier and is a member of the Federation of Italian Companies for Aerospace, Defense and Security.

More than just a dealer, we offer a wide range of products and applications for technical and filtration solutions. Start searching our online catalogs.

Air Fuel and Oil Filters, Clamps, Hoses for OEM, OES, IAM.

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Find information about our product portfolio, the relevant X-ref from OEMs’ and Competitors’ part number and information about machines and relevant applications.

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by X-REF if you know an OEM reference
by Competitor Reference Application if you know the Type / Manufacturer / Model

Feel free to try any kind of attempt in order to find Clamps, V-Clamps, Air Filters, Oil Filters, Filter Minders, Fuel Filters, Hoses, Oil Centrifuges, Pre Filters, Scavenging Blowersand much more.

Searching for Tailor Made Solutions?

Using our experience and knowledge, we can build systems that increase effectivity and optimize functionality by combining products from different major players.

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