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Dust Filter Elements For Food And Pharmaceuticals

For All ATEX zones
Certified according to EU and US FDA Regulations
MATERIALS All operating processes in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry as well as food Production
On demand we equip our dust filter elements only with raw materials that are suitable for use with food and pharmaceutical products
Their Raw materials are confirmed according to:
>> EC Regulation 1935 / 2004
>> EC Regulation 10/2011
>> US FDA Code 21 C.F.R.
>> GMP EC Regulation 2023/2006
They are adjusted to their application:
White Polyester or polypropylene nonwoven or needle felts.
Possible equipment:
>> Antistatic
>> ePTFE membrane
>>Other coating or impregnation
> Dryers
> Production of Isolators
> Product Conveying Processes
> Silo Ventilation
> Filling Stations
> Tablet Coating
> Clean Room Technology
They are suitable for ALL ATEX ZONES METAL PARTS
All Metal Parts of the Filter Elements are made of stainless steel. Different grades are available.GASKETS
In order to seal the elements, gaskets are made of materials that are harmless with the food they are in contact
We develop filter elements for you. Filter cartridges made by R + B Filter are adjusted to their respective application. Our engineers advise you on the selection of the best suitable filter elements for your cas in dust filtration.


Dust Filter Elements for Food and Pharmaceuticals


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