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Filter Media

Extract from our range of filter media

Only the right filtration solution ensures clean air. The filter medium is a central component.
We will select the most suitable filter material for your application.

Filter media
Polyester fleece
Polyester fleece, oil and water repellent, PTFE
Polyester fleece, aluminum-coated, antistatic
Polyester fleece, electrically conductive
Polypropylene fleece
Antistatic polypropylene fleece
Polyester fleece, antistatic + oil and water repellent, PTFE
Polyester fleece, microporous coating
Polyester fleece, ePTFE membrane
Polyester fleece, antistatic + ePTFE membrane
Polyester fleece, ePTFE membrane Pristyne from Gore
Polyester needle felt, antistatic for food certified according to EU and US FDA guidelines
Glass fiber fleece
Cellulose fleece with nanofibers
Polyester needle felt, antistatic + oil and water repellent
polyphenylene sulfide
Polyphenylene sulfide + ePTFE membrane
Aramid up to 200 ° C
Polyimide needle felt up to 240 ° C
Filter media for oil and emulsion mist
Stainless steel mesh
Filter media for water filtration

Special filter media for unusual operating conditions are available on request. Please contact us!