Colletta Alimentare 2022

Condividere i bisogni per condividere il senso della vita!!!   In BORSERINI SRL abbiamo deciso di supportare la giornata della Colletta Alimentare mettendo a disposizione il nostro magazzino che diventa così l’hub di riferimento per la provincia di Sondrio… La risposta di BORSERINI SRL alle difficoltà del mondo di oggi è un segno di condivisione […]

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New EDM Filters Catalog

EDM Filters Catalog updated release We published the last revision of our EDM Filters Catalog. Here is the matrix of our Range: we offer now 28 different versions for Sink Erosion Machines: Together with 46 versions for Wire Erosion Machines:   This Range covers nearly all the worldwide applications for western and Far-east Manufacturers. This

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FCLCOD Diesel Conditioning Filter Cart

FCLCOD Diesel Conditioning Filter Cart Remove water and particulate to extend fuel injector life and increase combustionengine fuel efficiency.Ideal for service-oriented stand-by diesel tanks and marine applications. Take control of your systems. FCLCOD filter carts are constructed to be powerful, dependable, and easy to use. Whether you’ve got multiple diesel reservoirs or simply need your filtration

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COF – Compact Offline Filter

This is our smallest unit yet, the Compact Offline Filter is able to fit where no other filtration equipment can. Ideal for smaller systems, or where a larger offline system wouldn’t fit, can be permanently installed or portable. Typical applications include gearboxes, plastic injection molding machines, and vacuum pumps, to name a few. Choose between

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BORSERINI SRL Colaborating with MANN+HUMMEL effective methods and devices for immediate air purification The pandemic resulting from the spread of Covid-19 has disrupted the daily lives of people around the world. For fear of the virus and to prevent its further spread, there have been and still are restrictions on travel, curfews, and closures of

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