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Air Filter is by far the leading searched products for our customers, but there are different needs and applications. It depends from the industry sectors and from the kind of maintenance needs.

Our strong point is that since 1994 we have been offering innovative, high-quality solutions, easy to service and at competitive costs. We take advantage of our experience and knowledge to offer solutions that are built across the best products available on the market.

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BORSERINI SRL Colaborating with MANN+HUMMEL effective methods and devices for immediate air purification The pandemic

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Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Oil Filter, Fuel Conditioning, Flexible Hoses, Air Oil Separators, Hydraulic Filtration, HVAC Filters, Industrial Air Treatment, Oil Centrifuges, Service indicators, Pre Filter, Scavenging Blowers, Clamps, V-Clamps, and many other products

We can provide over 50,000 interchangeable elements for Hydraulics, Fuel, Air Filtration and Air Oil Separators. We offer state of the art products and find the technical solutions you need combined with excellent service at a competitive cost level.

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